Artificial Intelligence Investment Platform

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About Us

Lovar is a community involved, blockchain-based protocol that aims to provide an innovative platform for investing in artificial intelligence. We operate by employing a machine-learning artificial intelligence system that trades on major exchanges to earn profit and reward Lovar investors. Currently, we offer four overarching investment solutions including term deposits, sell over time, internal exchange, and external exchange.

Investment solutions

Key Features

Artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

LovarAI is a sophisticated artificial intelligence trading system that uses DeepMind technology and machine-learning algorithm to generate profit. Monitor the performance of LovarAI on the “AI Analytics” tab of your dashboard.

Ethereum Token
Ethereum Token

Lovar is an ERC-20 compatible token that uses the Ethereum Blockchain to process transactions quickly and with minimal fees.

Term Deposits
Term Deposits

Earn daily interest by placing your Lovar tokens in a term deposit. Select a short term or long term deposit and choose to earn simple or compound interest.

Sell Over Time & Exchanges
Sell Over Time & Exchanges

Trade your Lovar tokens on multiple exchanges or select our Sell Over Time feature to gradually sell your tokens and earn 25% more than at internal exchange.

Community Involvement
Community Involvement

Contribute to community decisions by taking part in Lovar.io polls. Share your suggestions by submitting feedback from the “Contact” tab of your dashboard.

Security & Anonymity
Security & Anonymity

Encryption, DDoS protection, and two-factor authentication provide the highest level of security. Personal identification is not required, and users will remain completely anonymous.

Lovar Dashboard

Artificial Intelligence

LovarAI is an automated machine-learning trading system developed in early 2017. Our AI employs an advanced network of algorithms and services to trade across cryptocurrency markets. Major features include Global Compatibility, Arbitrage Trading, KeyCap, DeepMind, and Machine-Learning.

Arbitrage Trading

LovarAI trades simultaneously across markets to instantly profit from price differences.


Our algorithm detects and captures keywords from social media and search engines to monitor trending cryptocurrencies.


DeepMind recognizes and accurately predicts chart patterns to make informed trading decisions.


LovarAI uses current and historic data to independently adapt and progressively improve trading performance.

Lovar artificial intelligence

Initial Coin Offering

Round 1


per token

  • 1, 000, 000 LVA
  • Available

Round 2


per token

  • 500, 000 LVA
  • Available

Round 3


per token

  • 600, 000 LVA
  • Available

Round 4


per token

  • 700, 000 LVA
  • Available

Round 5


per token

  • 800, 000 LVA
  • Available

Round 6


per token

  • 900, 000 LVA
  • Available

Round 7


per token

  • 1, 000, 000 LVA
  • Available

Round 8


per token

  • 2, 000, 000 LVA
  • Available

How to Participate

Step 1
Register & Sign in

Register or Sign in at Lovar.io.

Step 2
Deposit BTC/ETH

Transfer Bitcoin or Ethereum to your Lovar wallet. You can withdraw funds at any time.

Step 3

Purchase Lovar with Bitcoin or Ethereum once ICO launches.

Step 4

Share your referral link with potential investors to earn bonus Lovar tokens.

How Referrals Work

Step 1
Share Referral Link

Share your referral link with potential investors. Referral links are located under the “Referral” tab of your dashboard.

Step 2
Referred Investors Buy LVA

Referred investors use your link to register with Lovar.io and purchase LVA tokens.

Step 3
Earn 5% LVA

Earn 5% of the total number of LVA tokens the referred investor purchases.

Step 4
Monitor Referrals

Monitor your referrals from the “Referral” tab of your dashboard.



Funds distribution


Token distribution

Price Prediction

Price predicition

Core Team


Mark Williams

Co-founder & Marketing Manager


Andy Nguyen

Co-founder & Lead AI Developer


Keith Waldron

Lead Operations & Front End Engineer

Colton Burke

Lead Web Developer

Dolores Suprovska

Social Digital Marketing & Community Manager

Edward Lim

Financial Analyst

Road Map

Road Map

Frequently Asked Questions

The first round of ICO will open in June, 2018. Each round will start at 02:00 UTC after the previous round has ended.

If a round ends close to the beginning of a new round, the new round will be postponed until 02:00 UTC the next day. Visit our homepage to view our live ICO countdown timer or follow our social media for ICO opening announcements.
Minimum: 50 tokens per round.
Maximum: 3,000 tokens per round during rounds 1-7 (i.e. 21,000 total) and an unlimited number during round 8.
Our wallet currently supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Lovar. Additional cryptocurrency will be included based on community decision.
Yes, you can withdraw Bitcoin and Ethereum at any time.
Lovar-holders can earn profit in four ways:
1) Long Term and Short Term Deposits
2) Sell Over Time
3) Internal Exchange
4) External Exchange
Internal exchange will open at Lovar.io in September, 2018. Initial token price will be set at USD$2.00. External exchanges will open over a period of several months, starting in November, 2018.
No. Investing with Lovar is completely anonymous. We do not require or collect personal information.
For live updates, follow us on:
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